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Premium Portable Mini Sewing Kit


  • - stainless-steel
  • - scissors
  • - measuring tape
  • - seam ripper
  • - 20 needles
  • - thimble
  • - threaders
  • - 2 pins
  • - 1 Safety pin
  • - 3 buttons
  • - numerous spools of thread

Sewing Guide

An A-Z Needlework Course That Will Guide You To Start Creating Your Own Needlework Masterpieces!

Needlework, includes such varied occupations as sewing, cutting and shaping, and knitting. In this ebook, these subjects are developed in so far as they may be presented to anyone interested in learning this craft.

The techniques and styles suggested are as simple and straightforward as possible, so you can learn it easily as well as to become prepared, to attempt intelligently much more difficult tasks. The material of the book is arranged so as to avoid laying down hard-and-fast rules with regard to non-essential things.

For the sake of clearness, Sewing, Cutting Out, Decoration, and Repairing have been dealt with in separate sections, although in practical work they cannot be separated. In each section, the possibility of gradation from the simplest elements to the most difficult is made clear.

With the The Book Of Needlework you can now learn how to create needlework from patterns, reproduce Antique laces; Point Lace stitches, Old Lace, with patterns included in this illustrated Needlework ebook.

COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS in TATTING, EMBROIDERY, CROCHET, KNITTING and NETTING, BERLIN WOOL WORK, POINT LACE, and GUIPURE D'ART. The book also contains instructions in coloured and other Patterns in Point Lace, Guipure d'Art, Tatting, Embroidery, and Designs for Monograms and Initials for marking handkerchiefs and table-linen. The quantity of materials required for each class of work is also given with every pattern.

NeedleWorksSewing Kit

Best Easy Carry Mini Sewing Kit for Holiday & Emergency Use


Finest Portable Mini Sewing Kit for Travel, Home, Specialist and Emergency situation Use. This Sewing Starter Kit is suitable for any Child or Kids, Ladies, Children, Teenagers or Adults. Perfect Sewing Kit for Basket, Box, Bag and Materials.


Premium Portable Mini Sewing Kit, ideal for Travel, Home and Emergency situation use. Ideal for everybody consisting of kids, girls, children, grownups, begineers and professional. Is durable and made with quality and craftsmanship


The entire package has a trendy and elegant small CD size case with secure zipper, it have everything included that has the ability to perform that quick repair and mend whenever that emergency situation occur specifically when you are travelling.